Counting Mastery Compendium™

Counting Mastery Compendium is the Sight-Reading Tool for mastering both NOTES and RESTS!


Gain musical competence and confidence with this total approach to counting!


372 exercises progress sequentially through 21 skill building chapters.

• Easy-to-follow PRIMERS for grounding or clarification.

• Skill promotions at every chapter to validate progress.

Counting is the Key to Musical Excellence!

A carefully sequenced program for everyone from beginners through professional musicans.


Here’s how the program works …



And throughout the book, Primer Lessons like this one introduce basic concepts for learners of all experience levels …

Lessons covered in this program include:

  • Quarter notes and rests

  • Half and quarter notes and rests

  • Half and whole notes and rests

  • Combining quarter, half and whole notes and rests

  • Ties

  • Dotted half notes and rests

  • Eighth notes and rests

  • Dotted quarter / eighth note patterns, then reversing them

  • Re-entering after a rest

  • 6/8 time and hemiolas

  • 5/8 and 5/4 time

  • Syncopation

  • Eighth note triplets and rests

  • Quarter note triplets and rests

  • Eighth / quarter triplets / rests in combination

  • Sixteenth notes and rests

  • Advanced 16th notes and rests

  • Compound meters

  • Cut time

  • Mixed meters

  • Polyrhythm