Middle School Music Mastery™

A Beginner-to-Advanced Middle School Sight-Reading Program


With carefully sequenced, easy-to-follow note and rhythm patterns, Foundations of Choral Mastery™ takes even the most hesitant middle schoolers and gives them the confidence they need to begin sight-reading on their own. Concepts presented for MASTERY include:


  • counting of all typical notes and rests up to 16th notes
  • finding and keeping track of Do
  • keeping individual time
  • recognizing and accurately tuning pitches
  • identifying and performing intervals, and triadic recognition
  • singing melodic lines
  • developing sight reading skills of looking ahead and “pre-hearing” intervals before you sing them
  • understanding and interpreting tempo expression markings
  • performing rhythmic and melodic lines in duets
  • understanding and differentiating time signatures


Each lesson incorporates ALL aspects of sight-reading on a single page. Lessons may be printed and distributed to your students. However, we recommend using some form of overhead projection, which has several advantages: the entire class is focused on a single task together; the teacher can correct or relocate the class quickly; and once procedures are learned, the entire lesson can take 4 minutes or less!

Foundations of Choral Mastery makes sight-reading fun!

Foundations of Choral Mastery contains 40 unique lessons, each one presented in Treble, Bass and Mixed formats for a total of 120 lessons. Having multiple formats affords you the flexibility to use the lessons with virtually any choir. Each lesson is rich in content, with a variety of musical terms and expressions, time signatures and keys.  FCM lessons are aligned with national standards!