Counting Mastery Essentials™

Counting Mastery Essentials is the Sight-Reading Tool
for mastering both NOTES and RESTS!


Gain musical competence and confidence with this total approach to counting for all levels!

Mastering counting saves SO much time in rehearsal!

372 exercises progress sequentially through 21 skill building chapters.

• Easy-to-follow PRIMERS for grounding or clarification.

• Skill promotions at every chapter to validate progress.

A carefully sequenced program for everyone from beginners through professional music!

The program includes these lessons:

  • Quarter notes and rests

  • Half and quarter notes and rests

  • Half and whole notes and rests

  • Combining quarter, half and whole notes and rests

  • Ties

  • Dotted half notes and rests

  • Eighth notes and rests

  • Dotted quarter / eighth note patterns, then reversing them

  • Re-entering after a rest

  • 6/8 time and hemiolas

  • 5/8 and 5/4 time

  • Syncopation

  • Eighth note triplets and rests

  • Quarter note triplets and rests

  • Eighth / quarter triplets / rests in combination

  • Sixteenth notes and rests

  • Advanced 16th notes and rests

  • Compound meters

  • Cut time

  • Mixed meters

  • Polyrhythm

Here’s how the program works …