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Thoughts to share … from 54 years of conducting.

Beating Time vs. Conducting

Keeping time is essential. But how do you do that and conduct everything else – dynamics, phrasing, articulation, meaning, emotion, and entrances/exits Answer:  Teach your choir to keep time.

Sight-reading MASTERY

In 4 minutes or less, your students can master the 3 most important sight-reading skills that will transform every rehearsal.

Centering Vocal Pitch

This blog discusses the why and how-to of centering pitch and the results when pitches are centered…and when they’re not.

The Primacy of Rhythm

It IS the primary, foundational skill of all musicians: understanding and keeping good time. The blog discusses mastering that skill, and proving the fact.

Vowels and Consonants – An Overview

An excellent introduction to both topics; definition of terms; and an Introduction to IPA, which is the next blog. Moreover, why vowels and consonants lingua franca.

A Primer on the International Phonetic Alphabet

Don’t be scared. It is knowable, and this blog simplifies without sacrificing important knowledge. You will like be informed.

Consonants – Partnering with Vowels

Vowels carry emotion and music while consonants carry context, intent and meaning. Thoughts, rules, and tools. Up your game.

The Sight-Reading Imperative

The philosophy behind and rewards of Mastering sight-reading and music literacy. You should read this and compare with your own methods.

The Overlooked Significant Population: Introverts

Introverts are actually the majority, but we value extrovert behavior more, and fail to fully appreciate and benefit from Introverts. Discourse.

Peak: What it Takes to Produce the Best from Anyone

Why are some people amazingly good at what they do? You could be a key to helping others realize their full potential.

The Elephant in the Shower:  Four Seasoned Music Educators Share the Same Concerns

Four pros with nearly 2 centuries of experience discuss and advise what to do when things go south…and you don’t know what to do.

Sight-Reading in Festivals and Contests: Planning Ahead

Preparation is everything. Here is the list and how-to.

Priorities, Planning and Protocols with Purpose: New Opportunities / New Vision: Why Rhythm is Foundational in Sight-Reading

Building ANY successful musical program must include rhythmic mastery. Here’s why and how.

Covid Choral Contingencies: Dulcis ex asperis (Sweetness follows hardship)

A complete list of what to do coming out of a pandemic, meltdown, or starting a new program. Take a look. Make your own list by comparison.

IMPROVING AS A CONDUCTOR (a 3-part series)

Part 1: Consider Improving Your Conducting and Pedagogy Skills During the Pandemic

Pandemic or not, we must always be improving and growing. Challenging thoughts.

Part 2: Improve Your Conducting Skills and Focus: Three Important Considerations

Major considerations as you grow as an artist and conductor. Dive in. Agree or disagree. Grow.

Part 3: Suggestions for Improving the Female Adolescent Voice

Research and applications from a long career, focusing on that critical time with female or transitional voices. Have you mastered this yet?