About Us

At Tools for Conductors™, we have spent our entire careers teaching and conducting bands, choirs and orchestras – from middle school through college. We know all too well about the shortage of usable, standards-based, data-driven tools to help assess student progress. We know the frustration of not being able to document that progress in a way that supports our administrators. And we struggle to find ways to help parents and the public realize that the pursuit of musical excellence truly does make a difference in the lives of our young performers.

The products you will find at Tools For Conductors are designed to answer these needs: FUNdamental Music Mastery™, the comprehensive K-5 music education program;  Foundations of Choral Mastery™, the transitional skill development program where MOST choirs should begin; 4-Minute Mastery™, a sequenced, 3-part program for high school through university singers; and our comprehensive set of You Won’t Miss A Beat™ Assessments – were all developed by people who are passionate about creating effective music literacy tools –

  • Tools that help students learn to read and interpret music, because the better they read, the more great music they get to perform.
  • Tools that progress with students as they go through school and grow toward mastery of skills.
  • Tools that make it easy to track empirical data about student progress.
  • Tools that save you time: as our Assessment slogan suggests, “You won’t miss a beat”.
  • Tools that are priced with generous discounts so they’re affordable for schools of any size.

Please contact us with your comments or needs. We welcome your feedback. We are committed to developing products that help you reduce stress and become a more effective conductor and teacher.

Proud Supporters of the UW Choral Department.