FUNdamental Music Mastery™

Learning to read music can be FUN! That is the goal of FUNdamental Music Mastery™: to enable K through 5th grade students to experience the joy of reading music, as they learn music fundamentals with confidence and independence.

FUNdamental Music Mastery helps students master challenges in short packages that encourage them, and lead them to discover and MASTER specific and necessary skills. The course trains the learner with drill. Correct, creative drill leads to Mastery. FMM trains the learner to recognize patterns and intervals before they sing or play. This is how we learn to read: first by hearing sounds and linking them to symbols; next, connecting those symbols to words; then, connecting the words into sentences that have meaning; and finally, using our vocal inflection to convey that meaning with expression and emotion.

Most single-page lessons in FUNdamental Music Mastery cover one concept, and repeat that concept in a variety of ways. Because all learning lessons are PDFs, the program allows the educator flexibility in teaching. Each lesson coordinates with national standards

Achievable Benefits

FUNdamental Music Mastery™ will help you teach your students to:

Count accurately and independently

Keep time

Identify time signatures

Sing melodic lines independently

Recognize and adjust (tune) pitches

Identify note and rest values

Identify and sing basic intervals

Sing rhythmic and melodic duets

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