Site Licensing

District-Wide Site Licensing Reduces Program Costs

Tools for Conductors™ programs cover the full K-12 spectrum including elementary, middle school, and high school/college students. The programs are progressive and tightly integrated from grade to grade. They help simplify music instruction, reduce prep time, and provide data-rich assessments that are easy to administer.

  • Students do not have to adapt to different learning models as they progress. As they move from grade to grade, they simply continue to grow with familiar procedures.
  • As students graduate from school to school, they can focus on gradually increasing challenges rather than re-learning new approaches.
  • Because teachers throughout the district share similar methods, training requirements are reduced.
  • Grading standards are easier to establish and maintain district-wide, easing the burden on administrators.

Now, Tools for Conductors™ is offering district-wide site licenses that make sure these benefits are available to all students in your school system while saving thousands of dollars in acquisition costs. Indeed, the cost benefits of all-district licensing are tremendous:

  • Lower initial cost compared to ordering multiple programs
  • Reduced teacher training requirements
  • Reduced inventory management costs
  • Lower teacher frustration

Find out more about how all-district site licensing can improve your music education offerings while saving you money!

Site License Discounts

All-district site license (including all schools, all grades):

35% Off list prices!

Single school site license (including all grades):

25% Off list prices!

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