4-Minute Mastery™

Dear Music Educator:

Sight reading well is essential for building top-notch choirs. Fortunately, the ability to sight read is not a gift, but rather a skill that can be learned. Unfortunately, teaching sight reading is a challenge! We at Tools For Conductors have spent years struggling to find suitable materials – and adequate class time – to teach sight-reading effectively.

That’s why we developed 4-Minute Mastery™, a comprehensive program you can implement in your choral classrooms in just four minutes a day. On these pages you’ll find a quick introduction to 4-Minute Mastery along with several sample lessons. Explore them and see how this exciting tool can help your choirs at every level.

Watch 4-Minute Mastery in action!

Watch conductor Eric Ronning begin his high school choir class with a lesson from 4-Minute Mastery, Book 1.

Achievable Benefits

4-Minute Mastery will help you teach your students to:

Count accurately and independently

Read key signatures and find their own starting pitches

See and "hear" intervals before singing them

Independently sing their own parts

Understand and apply many common musical terms, articulations and musical expression marks

Evaluate their own progress

Meet or exceed state and national standards

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