Program Structure

A Comprehensive Approach to Sight-Reading


4-Minute Mastery™ teaches basic concepts of rhythm, interval training, and part singing in short packages using a standardized format. Each lesson is complete on a single page, so everything you need to conduct your 4-minute exercise is right in front of you and your choir. Difficulty levels are raised in small, incremental steps from lesson to lesson. 4-Minute Mastery trains the student to recognize intervals and patterns, both ascending and descending, before they sing, and reinforces skills through concept repetition (drill).

Each lesson also provides a framework on which to build other aspects of musical mastery: dynamic expression, phrasing, breath control, key signature recognition, finding DO, solfeggio, expression markings, comprehensive variety of meters, and musical terminology. This structured approach can help students master necessary musical tools. All lessons are provided in separate treble, bass and mixed voicings.

Note that our You Won’t Miss A Beat™ Choral Assessments are derived from, and coordinate with, 4-Minute Mastery.

Designed for the Choral Classroom

4-Minute Mastery is comprised of four parts: an Introduction including Primer Lessons, and three progressively challenging books of lessons. Each of the three books includes 30 lessons each in Treble, Bass and Mixed voicings, for a total of 90 lessons per book. All purchases include a copy of the Introduction. 4-Minute Mastery lessons are particularly effective when used as an entrance activity to efficiently start rehearsal.