K-5 Elementary Programs

Put the joy back in teaching! FUNdamental Music Mastery™ enables Kindergarten through 5th grade students to experience the fun of reading music as they learn music fundamentals with confidence and independence. With colorful icons and easy counting games, students learn rhythm, pitch, counting, note reading and other building blocks of musical skill while having a wonderful time in your class!  Check out this exciting entrance activity today, and see what a difference it can make in your classroom!

You Won’t Miss A Beat™ cloud-based assessments, powered by Match My Sound® and administered through MusicFirst, are easy to use! Three times a year your students’ musical progress will be assessed individually – and graded automatically – while you continue working with your ensemble! Each assessment takes only a few moments.

In music, counting is key! With easy-to-follow primers and carefully sequence lessons, your students will start to read music from day one! Mastering counting saves SO much time!

Together, We Sing is your roadmap to choral excellence at all levels, no matter what grade you teach! Developed by Dr. Geoffrey Boers, Chair of the University of Washington Choral Department, this first-ever vocal roadmap desk and wall reference gives you realistic targets.  Formerly known as CLaS, Choral Literacies and Skills, it has been re-tooled and updated to bring rich and diverse methods and skills to an even wider range of singers and teachers! FREE!