Choral Sight-Reading Programs

K – 5

FUNdamental Music Mastery™

Put the joy back in teaching! With colorful icons and easy counting games students learn rhythm, pitch, counting, note reading and other building blocks of musical skill while having fun!

Developing Choirs

Foundations of Choral Mastery™

This is where most choirs should begin. A complete course in sight-reading and musicianship with a simple, repetitive structure and 1-skill-at-a-time approach that lays the building blocks of choral excellence.

High School – University

4-Minute Mastery™

Do you wish your choir could really read music? Are you willing to spend just 4 minutes at the beginning of each choral rehearsal with an exercise that rivet’s student attention, builds enthusiasm and promotes choral excellence? 4-Minute Mastery™ does all of that – and more!