Community Programs

Choirs that can sight-read are simply more fun to be part of! As sight-reading skills improve, you’ll get through more literature, spend less time learning, and enjoy the process more than ever! Foundations of Choral Mastery™ is the place to start this exciting journey for beginners and experienced singers alike!

When it comes to building an outstanding choir, the abilty of choristers to count accurately may be the single most important skill to develop. Counting Mastery Essentials™ is the sight-reading tool for mastering both NOTES and RESTS! With just a few minutes at the beginning of each rehearsal, this step-by-step method will have your singers sounding like pros!

Together, We Sing is a remarkable new desk-top reference that provides a roadmap to choral excellence for all choirs. Whether you direct a youth ensemble at your church, or a top-notch auditioned community choir, this multi-cultural approach to choral mastery describes what literacy looks and sounds like for choirs of every age and at every level of development.

Here you’ll find a wonderful interview with Brian Mitchell, past president of Washington State ACDA, on the transcendental nature of choral music, and a series of fascinating Choral Journal blog posts by our president, Stuart Hunt.